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Astrology for Tuesday, November 17

Uranus is in Taurus. The bull is usually such a solid citizen, earthy, sensual, nature loving. It is odd

territory for the planet Uranus - a revolutionary, highly individual "do your own thing" energy. It is unpredictable. Taurus isn't. Taurus rules our financial systems - personally and as a country. Unpredictability increases risk and the financial system hates that. But every now and then the status quo needs a shake-up, a meltdown, to allow something new to emerge. So, every 84 years, whether we like it or not, Uranus will be in Taurus.

This time around, our very earth and its sustainability is in question. We are in a climate crisis of uncertainty. Our oceans are getting more warm and acidifying, ice melt is causing the seas to rise and more migrants are on the move than ever before. Yet, we are acting much more Taurean about this crisis. It takes a while to move a Taurus - it is a fixed sign, after all. Once roused, though, the Bull can move mountains.

Today the Moon is in Capricorn, trining Uranus inTaurus. At the same time, Mercury is opposing Uranus in Taurus. What does that mean?

The moon is very near the TNO (Trans Neptunian Object) Ixion. Ixion is where we must own up to the consequences of our actions. Are we really who we want to be? In a year where Chiron is in Aries asking us who we are, this is a relevant question. It also brings in Neptune - if we are not who we want to be, are we deceiving ourselves? Furthermore, Ixion rings the possibility of a second chance. So, if the Moon in Capricorn signifies the will of the people in a mundane chart, where are we deluding ourself about the urgency of the crisis and are we deluding ourselves as to the existential nature of this threat. The Moon being in Capricorn, we must ask how has power and wealth contributed to the problem - and how can it be used to fix the problem. Or will this chance be wasted.

As to Mercury in Scorpio oppose Uranus- the shock of the climate crisis - and the pandemic - is, under the current administration, creating a polarization between fact and delusion, between science and logic and illusion. I predict that there will be a lot of talk but not a lot of progress until Mercury goes into an earth sign - Capricorn and trines Uranus, around the middle of January, 2021.


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