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Astrology for Wednesday, December 23

Honestly, do you ever look at the news and just say I am so tired of the same, old bad news day after day? Well, I did feel that way as I looked at the chart for the 23rd. Just before I began this, I read how armed protestors attacked the police and the Oregon legislature as they debated COVID 19 restrictions. It is a perfect illustration of today's transits.

Looking at the Moon in Aries, getting cozy with Mars (God of War) and Eris (The Unheard) in 23 degrees Aries, we have to say that is a lot of Aries energy (and that doesn't even count Chiron in Aries which is at the beginning of Aries). Aries is about self, and legitimately so. We first need to form our own identity before we can do anything else in the world. That is the positive side of Aries. The negative side is self-centerednesss or its close cousin, selfishness. We are literally seeing people take up arms and using violence to be selfish. They accept laws to buckle their seat belts, to buy car insurance, get a license to practice massage therapy - in short, we obey a host of rules. Why not one about masking? Especially when literally hundreds of thousands have died and are continuing to die.

These planets, especially Mars, are squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is about power, among other things, and Capricorn is about rules and limits. The Capricorn planets and the Aries planets are challenging one another. We are seeing how the myth of the rugged individualist has just gone to far. It is actually hurting society. And these protestors would not be carrying high powered guns with multiple clips if their right to do so had not been legislated. We've endured hundreds of school shootings...this moment is just another dot on the continuum of foolish.

Watch it unfold. Is this the America you want? Is this an American you want to be?


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