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Astrology for Wednesday, December 9

The Sun is in Sagittarius today, involved in a Mutable Grand Cross involving a conjunction to the South Node of the Moon, opposing the North Node of the Moon (karma), squaring the planet Neptune in Pisces (spiritual gold of just an imitation of it) and squaring the asteroid Goddess Vesta in Virgo (service). Leet's sort out that puzzle - and mind you, that is only a part of what is going on today!

The pull to the past, the known way of doing things, is represented by the Sun's conjunction with the south Node of the Moon. There is an emotional attachment to how things were done. Because the Sun can represent our ego, the ego may actually oppose accepting new facts and new ideas that challenge the existing philosophy. Following where emotions lead, regardless of the truth of the matter (Neptune in Pisces), is contrary to the grounded levelheadness of Virgo who know how to deal with the real - the concrete. Or, to turn that on its head, Vesta inVirgo can demand loyalty to a way of doing things that is way past its expiration date. It is a challenge to integrate new facts and new opportunities to serve with the existing fantasies and philosophies. Above all, it is not a time to be pompous, stuck in your ways! If you manage to integrate the best of all four mutable signs instead of falling into a trap of opposites, you've really got something - optimism, faith, works and fact!

The opposition of Neptune in Pisces to Vesta inVirgo also speaks to the difficulty of people in health care right now. Seeing their hospitals pushed to capacity and beyond, dropping from tiredness, being thanked for their services but rewarded with sights of unmasked. crowded gatherings. And yet, health care workers are often loyal to their mission. It must break their heart to get so little cooperation.

This is a pretty action packed month. We'll see several planets change sign, a solar eclipse (and the Electoal College vote) on December 14, culminating with the Grand Convergence as Jupiter andSaturn join each other to march intoAquarius.


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