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Astrology for Wednesday, February 3

Holy cow! It seems like just yesterday, the Capitol was being stormed, and here we are in February already! Venus has moved into Aquarius now so that Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus - half the planets are in Aquarius. All of them are square either Mars, Lilith or Uranus in Taurus. Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs. The Moon has moved into Scorpio, another fixed sign, and is setting off the fixed sign square featured this year - the struggle between the old and new. It is demanding that we reinvent ourselves and asks us how much security do we need and how much freedom?

The fourth fixed sign is open, in Leo. It is our way out. Leo is a fire sign and therefore a risk taker. Leo find joy in the here and now - roll the dice! Instead of adhering to tradition, Leo is willing to gamble on a new idea. Leo energy includes love, creativity and pride. How can we show love for our fellow man, the collective of Aquarius? How can respect individuality and creatively generate workable solutions? We start with ourselves, the only person on the planet we can change, and look at our impact on the collective spirit of our nation.

For me, Leo is symbolized by the sunny, smiling boy on a white horse in Tarot - the Sun King of the Zodiac. He is generous and beneficent and rules with the welfare of his people in mind.

Mercury is retrograde now, so things from our past are resurrected. It is a time for reflection, not initiation. So maybe we focus on righting old wrongs. It is no accident that the second Trump impeachment will take place during this retrograde. Something left unfinished is revisited. Mercury will back track to the current location of Jupiter (which rules lawsuits) before it goes direct on February 20.

One other note: I've followed with interest Venus' movements because Venus has both a love face and a financial face. Uranus in Taurus is in a financial sign, ruled by Venus. Pluto is close to a return in the US financial house. The upshot is that a Finance 2.0 transformation is occurring. Lo and Behold, we had the Robin Hood app occur boosting Gamestop stock to the dismay of Wall Street. Just the beginning. We are going to see changes in our country's financial system over the next couple years. When we look back at them, we'll be glad it happens.

More importantly for many Americans. this fixed square energy revisits (Mercury retrograde) the difficulty of passing a bi-partisan relief bill. Mercury was retrograde last year in February/beginning March of 2020. Here we are again, only 440,000 Americans have died. Many cities and states are struggling to find the resources to get the vaccine into people's arms. So what do you think? Have the old ways worked? Are we willing to gamble on acting in the best interest of our community?


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