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Astrology for Wednesday, January 13

Freedom. Democracy. These are words I associate with liberty loving, innovative and revolutionary Aquarius. The Moon is in Aquarius and will travel over Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and the asteroid Pallas Athene - all in Aquarius today. It is no accident that today, Speaker Pelosi will address the articles of impeachment for President Trump for inciting an insurgency against our democracy.

The Aquarian planets are all squaring Mars and Uranus in Taurus, throwing the established hierarchy into a state of chaos. And there is a chaotic fracture happening among Establishment Republicans and Trumpian Republicans. Pelosi has given the Establishment GOP as much cover as you can - asking for one article of impeachment focused solely on last Wednesday's insurrection, not other issues the Democrats have with him. And she is initially asking for an unanimous vote, which would make it unnecessary for GOP members to vote on the record, exposing their fractured state.

Impeachment might pass the House; it's a little trickier in the GOP controlled Senate. However, Senator McConnell is said to hop the impeachment will dispose of Trump as the party center or possible 2024 candidate. Will the Grim Reaper allow a House bill to pass in the Senate? Possibly, he could be represented by Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus - fractious Senators in the party. We shall see.

Biden won talking about uniting people. Will there finally be a degree of agreement reached through outrage of violations of the rule of law? We shall see. At least donors and companies are starting to look at who they are paying for and limiting contributions to those that participated in lies about the validity of the election.

Uranus in Taurus goes direct tomorrow, unleashing its explosive action. As the weekend nears, Mars in Taurus, no slouch himself in the explosive department, will draw closer to Uranus. Armed actions are promised in the US Capitol and all 50 State Capitols later this week.


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