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Astrology for Wednesday, January 2021 INAUGURATION DAY!

The king is dead! Long live the king!

Suffice it to say, astrologers have been talking about the ominous joining today - very near exact - of Mars and Uranus in Taurus. When the God of War (Mars) joins the God of Revolution (Uranus), it gives a person reason for concern. The square to Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, which have begun a new cycle in the technologically savvy and innovative sign of Aquarius, supply tension to the old, traditional Taurean system of financial systems and values. The result is chaos in the traditional, normally stable structures of our world.

We all know change is needed, but change is hard. Biden can make changes while Jupiter is in Aquarius more easily. Progress can happen after Jupiter moves on, leaving slower moving Saturn to lay the foundations of a new infrastructure, but first, we have to get past the Inauguration.

Looks like there may be some persons who infiltrate security either by dressing to imitate them or because individual opinions are in sympathy with the white supremacy forces that oppose the new administration. Groups of people will oppose the new leaders. (Moon in Aries in the 11th house for midafternoon in Washington, DC). With the Moon in Aries, there may be danger from Lone Wolf attacks, too. I hope I am wrong, or that a more peaceful transition can take place on Wednesday, but the potential for chaos is very high. Long live the new administration! And may every person be safe.


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