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Astrology for Wednesday, November 25

The Moon is in Aries today nestled in between Chiron in Aries, an asteroid for healing, and Mars, the ruling planet of Aries. The Aries Moon is trine the Sun in Sagittarius, JoeBiden's rising sign. In mundane charts, the Sun represents the leader. The Moon is the soul of the people. Mars is the will of the leader.

Harmony lies between Sun and Moon in the form of a trine. The involvement of Chiron and Mars indicates Biden is staying true to the agenda he campaigned on - to heal the soul of a divided nation (Chiron = healing work, Moon = soul, Mars - actions of the Sun) and to stop the pandemic (same configuration). And now that funds have been released by the GSA for the transition team, actions (Mars) can move forward.

Mercury in Scorpio covers trade. it opposes Neptune in Pisces. Neptune's tendency toward isolation and proclivity for delusion make it a difficult road forward, but obviously the two issues are tied. Venus in Scorpio (attraction of wealth; also, allies) represents a similar theme by opposing Uranus in Taurus (turmoil in the financial markets). These issues present as polarities, but they are tied. it isn't impossible, just difficult.

Uranus in Taurus is also involved in climate change as our earth (Taurus)is faced with new challenges to its very existence, Uranus is the power of genius and revolution and was closely allied with the energy of the American and French revolutions. Will it take a revolution to save the earth? John Kerry has been appointed as a climate change envoy in the new administration. Yes, it is a revolution to free us from the pernicious influence wealthy oligarchs with empires based on the fossil fuel industries. As Nelson Mandela said "All things are impossible until they aren't."


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