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Astrology of Saturday, February 27

The Moon is coming to the full tonight; the Sun is in Pisces; the Moon is in Virgo. This is the culmination of a process that was begun at the new moon on February 13. If you began anything new at that time, or shifted your attention to focus on something, events may culminate at the full moon. You may have awarenesses under the light of the full moon. Pay attention to dreams; they may carry messages that are useful in the world.

As with any astrological aspect, there are layers of meanings. If you have planets in 6 - 10 degrees of the signs Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius or Gemini, you may find yourself more personally affected than another. Likewise with a 6 - 10 degree planet in an earth element (Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus) or water element (Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer).

Virgo needs Pisces and Pisces needs Virgo, to be whole. Pisces is dreamy and mystical; Virgo brings those dreams to realistic fruition. Pisces is intuitive; Virgo is more practical. Pisces is diffuse; Virgo is discriminating. Dreams without a way to make them real are just fantasies. Without the vision of Pisces, however, Virgo might never lift up its head to be inspired by an ideal. Pisces senses the forest; Virgo sees trees with stunning detail.

This full Moon in Virgo is modified by the trine aspect it makes to a planet of freedom, innovation and sometimes revolution - Uranus in Taurus, another earth sign. Taurus is usually pretty stable and secure, but under this placement, we find rifts in traditional actions and societies. You may find that opens the door to introduce a breath of fresh air into the service orientation of Virgo. Things are shaken up!

Pisces symbolizes hospitals and institutions; Virgo symbolizes those that work with devotion and skill in the medical field.

Pisces can be romantic to the point of putting a loved one on a pedestal. Virgo can love well, too, but not blindly. Virgo sees the love object, flaws and all, and is perfectly willing to tell him or her how to improve!

At this full moon, it is a good time to bring dreams to realization - and spend the next waning cycle (until Mid March) revising, reviewing and making tweaks to the dream that inspires you.


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