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Astrology of the New Moon in Libra: October 6

In speaking the language of the stars, you quickly learn that things are connected. We live in a continuum; everything keeps moving. The fastest moving "planet" in our solar system is the moon. It often acts as a trigger point, setting the mood, as it contacts other, slower moving planets in our chart.

The new moon in Libra focuses on relationships, diplomacy, finding justice and allies. It launches a waxing moon cycle that culminates at the Aries Full Moon on October 20. But it also has a relationship to the Full Moon in Libra which will occur on April 16, 2022.

While the Moon in Libra focuses you on your relationship with others, particularly those folks you are committed to, we can't ignore that this growth cycle is happening during Mercury Retrograde which also slows us down to re-consider, re-edit, review what has happened previously. So how do we review and launch new projects on the growing cycle of the moon? It might be a great time to tweak relationship issues that have their roots in the past. Might be time to initiate change - not a brand new change, but one that we have previously considered.

Maybe you have always wanted your spouse to clean up after dinner, but never felt it was the right time. Maybe the time is here. Perhaps you have a cycle of having made bad choices in partners. Maybe it is time to initiate the change. Maybe you've had to shoulder more than your fair share, and you want to see that change. Might be time to do it.

Be clear on your goals. Don't come out of left field with a brand new behavior, but tweak. And write your intentions down. Measure your success at the Full Moon in Libra on April 16, 2022. See how your project has fared - and use the next 6 months to review, revise and edit if you haven't achieved all your goals.


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