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December 26 - Full Moon in Cancer

Tonight, December 26, will see a Full Moon in Cancer opposite the Capricorn Sun. Capricorn has many dimensions, but one of them is - how well have we met community expectations? How do we measure success - what is our job, where do we live, what is our marital status, how does the community see us? These are markers of what we have achieved, not necessarily who we are on the inside.

Cancer is a decidedly an interior landscape - who we are at home, in private. How are we attuned to our tribe, our kin? Cancer feels. Capricorn does. So, the question Cancer asks of Capricorn as they stand opposite one another in the sky is "How do I feel about what I have achieved? I have climbed a mountain, like the proverbial goat, but was it MY mountain? Capricorn loves and rewards hard work, but is it aimed in the right direction?

This full moon asks us to strike a balance between achievement and feelings. Mars (actions) and Mercury (thoughts, communication) is retrograde (reviewing the past) in Sagittarius (beliefs, philosophy), are very near the practical, hard working Sun in Capricorn. All three are in opposition (seeing the need for balance) the Moon in Cancer (feelings). And all four are in a tense aspect to Neptune (endings) in Pisces (spiritual). There is a sense that something has run its course, and needs to be released as you prepare to go forward. Saturn (boundaries) in Pisces (vision) gives the Moon (emotions) some oomph in making decisive actions that strike a firmer balance between head and heart.

It is a great time for asking yourself what while serve you in the future and what you might want to let go - all to draw a better balance between your inner and outer worlds.

Early degree Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces will be most affected followed by persons with 22-30 degrees Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo.


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