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Eclipse Season and Full Moon on October 28: Israel & Palestine

Most years, there are two eclipse seasons: a Solar and Lunar Eclipse about two weeks apart are followed by a Solar and Lunar Eclipse six months later, also about two weeks apart. Solar Eclipses happen on a New Moon and Lunar Eclipses on a Full Moon. Sometimes, especially if a country or the leader of a country has a personal planet near the eclipse point, the two weeks in between eclipses mark major shifts in leadership and the direction of a country.

Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, a week before the solar eclipse of October 14 (not all the action happens on the exact day of the eclipse) on the Libra New Moon. The North Node, pathway to the future, was in warlike Aries, directly opposite the Sun and Moon in Libra.

The October 14 eclipse/New Moon had personal connections Israel's chart. Israel's sun is at 23 degrees Taurus, conjunct the transiting planet Uranus (Rebellion). By October 14, Mars had entered the intense, vengeful sign of Scorpio. Transiting Mars, in myth the God of War, had moved into a square (challenging aspect, friction laded) with Pluto, in myth the God of Hell. One Israeli leader said, "This is a time for extreme cruelty. Hamas must be destroyed." That sounds like Mars in Scorpio!

The aftermath of the horrific attack and retaliatory Israeli airstrikes has taken place in the time between the eclipses - October 14's Solar Eclipse/New Moon and the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon coming up on Saturday, October 28. For more history on what has happened before between eclipses, see the paragraphs below or check out the excellent Eclipse video on You Tube by Astrologers Chris Brennan and Nick Dagan Best.

The Full Moon will take place with the Sun at 5 degrees Scorpio conjunct Mercury and Mars (currently square to Pluto). As always on a full moon, the Moon will be directly opposite the Sun at 5 degrees Taurus, conjunct Jupiter (the Lawgiver) in Taurus. The presence of Mercury correlates to all the communication going on - from Israel, the UN, the US, college and University students in the US and Israel, the media, and the people of Israel (who do not support, in the main, a deeper escalation of the War). The proximity of Jupiter to the Moon correlates with the fact that much of the discussion centers on adhering to the Rule of Law in wars. Iran and Russia continue to stir the pot - that is shown by the Mars-Pluto square. Sun conjunct Mercury is about communication between leaders. The fact that the Sun is in Scorpio so near Mars in Scorpio amps up both arrogance and revenge.

Just to give you an idea how eclipses have correlated with historical events, consider these examples:

  • Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox in the time between a solar and lunar eclipse. His funeral train procession happened at that time, too. Earlier, he delivered the Gettysburg address on an eclipse. His death transcended the murder of one man. The country was forever changed after the Civil War: he had ushered in a much more federalized (centralized) government and ended slavery. This theme of seismic shifts coinciding with eclipses seems to coincide with other events.

  • Martin Luther King was assassinated and his funeral held in an eclipse season.

  • Barak Obama was born close to a solar eclipse, inaugurated on an eclipse, elected on an eclipse and re=elected on an eclipse.

  • Emperor Hirohito of Japan was born on a lunar eclipse and after WWII, was forced to declare he was not a God on a solar eclipse. The eclipse point occurred on his Jupiter, the ruler of his Ascendant and a planet associated with organized religion.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte staged his coup in France on an Eclipse and was defeated at Waterloo on an eclipse.

There are lmany more examples quoted by Astrologers Chris Brennan and Nick Dagan Best. Take a look and realize that eclipses often marked major shifts in leadership - ends of wars, sometimes assassinations that were martyr-like and more.

And, of course, the clown car show that was the election of a Speaker of the US House of Representatives took place at the same time. We are all under one sky. Whether the effect is personal or collective, it is an effect.


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