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Jupiter Has Entered Pisces

A year ago, planets Jupiter and Saturn converged in the sign of democracy (and Congress), Aquarius. Today, Jupiter moved on to the neighboring sign, Pisces.

As always, responses to a planet in a new sign will have elements that make the angels rejoice; other responses may be just the opposite. Jupiter expands; Pisces can be in touch with inspiration - or illusion. Positively, compassion and generosity can reach across boundaries of class or economic status or homeland. There can be a real touch of divinity in understanding the "other." Negatively, infections can flourish (omicron), addiction can increase and conspiracy theories can get wilder.

I heard a story on NPR today that expressed a lot of elements of Jupiter in Pisces. Drug use houses where addicts can use safely without fear of overdosing - 43 lives have been saved at one facility alone. It is cold outside; addicts are given hot, sterile towels. It is a humane way to treat users who have been duped into their addiction, many times through legal prescriptions which left them with habits that they could not afford. They turned instead to street drugs.

Wondering how Jupiter in Pisces is affecting your own chart? Look back in increments of 12 years (Jupiter has a 12 year orbit) to see what happened last time Jupiter was in Pisces. A theme might emerge that will be relevant now. Not the same events, but a similar theme.


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