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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

This post will be rather personal. Feel free to comment on it. The New Moon in Capricorn formed near dawn on Friday, December 23, 2022. The Sun and Moon met in 1 degree of Capricorn, squaring Jupiter at 0 degrees Aries. My father passed away, peacefully, age 94, very close to the time of the new moon.

The symbology of passing into another realm at the time when the Sun. and Moon are commencing a waxing cycle, when the Sun is beginning to reach its arms to increasing in light fascinates me.

The New Moon in Capricorn is a time for all of us to ask if we need to build new structures in our lives to support our growing wisdom (Jupiter).

My dad's 0 degree Neptune in Virgo trined the New Moon, and was inconjunct (a need for adjustment) transiting Jupiter in Aries. Also, his natal Mars, at 2 degrees Cancer, opposed the New Moon. Transiting Jupiter made a temporary t-square to that Cancer/Capricorn axis.

I believe we are all here to travel our nodal journey - from the south node (what we know and are not, perhaps, totally pleased with) to the north node which describes how we can cure our dissatisfaction with the past. His south node was in Sagittarius, exactly semisquare the new moon and his north node in Gemini was exactly inconjunct the new moon - dissatisfaction with where he had been and time for an change!

Transiting Uranus in Taurus and the transiting North Node of the Moon in Taurus were opposite his natal Venus in Scorpio and inconjunct his natal Saturn in Sagittarius. Time to reach for the stars. He was restless with the limitations imposed by his physical body.

I don't foretell death by looking at a chart - it is only one possible meaning anyway. But, looking at a chart I know was a death chart, I see so many planets inconjunct. It was definitely time for an adjustment. He was reaching beyond the physical limits of his body which was no longer able to do his bidding. I do believe that the involvement of transiting Jupiter softened his death, allowed him to pass peacefully, at home, in bed. He never had to move to a nursing home or go to the hospital. Wouldn't we all hope for such a passing? And the opportunity to find something new....a new level of experience.


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