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New Moon in Cancer and Neptune Goes Retrograde

Tuesday night, June 28, 2022, around 10 pm CDT, the Sun and Moon will join to form the New Moon in Cancer. This is a time of new beginnings for Cancerian things - intuition, sensitivity, emotions nature; home; family; the things learned from your parents or ancestors. And Cancer loves familiar things, so something treasured from the past - things or a person with whom you have history, can be featured now. Whatever is begun under the light of the New Moon in Cancer will bear fruit at the Cancer full moon in January, 2024.

The Moon rules Cancer and the Moon symbolizes women. Overturning Roe v Wade has caused a furor. Women's resistance to the states laws restricting abortion rights will become more organized. The overturn happened when transiting Saturn in Aquarius went retrograde - a limitation on expression of individual rights - and was simultaneously squared by the planet of Uranus in Taurus - a real breakout by the traditional powers of the patriarchy.

On the day of the New Moon, the planet Neptune begins its journey backwards through the zodiac, too. Neptune tends to cloud issues up wherever it goes, but during the retrograde phase, we may find a new perspective on an old issue. Neptune is going backward for the next five months, so there is time to gain new clarity.

Jupiter, bringer of opportunities, squares the Sun and Moon on the Cancer New Moon. Squares are challenges, but Jupiter often brings opportunities -in this case it may be in challenging or unexpected ways. To round out the unexpected, Uranus in Taurus is next to the Moon's North Node in Taurus. Uranus is always a shock; the North Nodes is the gateway to the future. Will it be a dystopian future or is there hope that women will band together in opposition to the government taking over decision making about their own bodies?


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