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Sun in Aquarius, Full Moon in Leo Today, February 16

The full Moon in Leo and the Sun opposite it in Aquarius creates a focus on love. The Sun in Aquarius loves humanity (not necessarily people so much) and for Leo, love is about the validation of self through another's regard - attention, applause, adoration. The full moon is a time to seeing clearly what was seeded in August. How far have you come in resolving the age old dilemma of how much to care about others without losing track of your own, very real, need for love and validation?

When I ran the chart for today, all the planets were in a bowl bounded by the karmic Nodes of the Moon. The south Node is in Scorpio - sign of power, control, drama and depth. The north Node, where we are bound, is in a more peace loving and sensual sign, Taurus. Many thought Ukraine would be invaded by the Russian bear today. Let us hope that the future is more peaceful, more Taurean.

We are just days away from the first exact return of Pluto to its original spot occupied in Capricorn in the 2nd house, natural house of Taurus, in the United States Sibley Chart, 1776. And as Pluto in Capricorn is trine, or in harmony, with the transiting south node in Taurus, I'm hoping that will throw the weight of this full moon more tightly to the Taurus side of peace.


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