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Thoughts on the Sagittarius New Moon and Happy Thanksgiving

The new moon in Sagittarius was on Tuesday. The sun entered Sagittarius at almost the same time. And another thing coincided with the new moon - Jupiter, the ruler of the sign Sagittarius stopped in its tracks and has been standing still. Jupiter has been retrograde for four months and is now fixing to move forward. Planets are very powerful when they become stationery and change direction.

So putting it together, powerful new beginnings are taking root inside us. Where have we settled for too little? And what habits are we willing to release in order to move in a new direction? Responsibilities and freedom are trying to negotiate a compromise that will allow us to move forward with greater freedom as we decide which responsibilities are truly ours and should be integrated into our changing path.

Jupiter, ruler of the Sagittarius is an optimistic, expansive fellow. Is it any wonder we have Thanksgiving kicking off the holiday season? Maybe this is the time, like Oliver Twist, to say to life, "May I have some more, sir?"


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