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Thursday, August 11 - Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius

The full moon in Aquarius hangs ripely and largely over the horizon. The Sun is in Leo, directly opposite the Moon, creating a full moon.

With any full moon, look back to when the Moon was new in Aquarius - early February, 2022. If a project or an issue cropped up at that time, you can view it clearly now in the light of the full moon. It has fully developed and progress can be assessed clearly.

As full moons go, this is a lollapalooza. The Moon in Aquarius (will of the people) is conjunct retrograde Saturn in Aquarius (The Rule of Law in the sign of democracy). The Sun is opposite the Moon in Leo. The Sun and Moon closely square the (rather rare) conjunction of the North Node of the Moon (Fate), Mars (God of War) and Uranus in Taurus (disruption in the established order). All that astrology means we can expect insights that spark revolutions. Sudden, unexpected turns in the road that lead us to our destiny. This energy didn’t start and stop today. It has been operative since the beginning of August. It is unstable and volatile energy. The Full Moon just knits the energy together more closely.

The conjunction of the North Node, Mars and Uranus in Taurus has been a signature of clashes of cultures - Rome and Carthiginians and, more recently, Cortex’s capture and destruction of the Aztec Empire.

We have seen some opposing world views this week between the Trump supporters’ views and the Biden administration. Some big legislation - supporting climate change and veterans health care rights among others - passed this week or likely to pass. Mar-Lago was raided. Trump professed it was a witch hunt. If so, all he had to do was release the contents of the search warrant. He would not. It looks like he had taken highly classified nuclear secrets with him from the White House to Mar Lago. What choice did the FBI but to recover documents that never should have been taken from the White House? Purpose? Perhaps to sell?

Suddenly, unexpectedly, America has turned a corner. And Saturn in Aquarius, to me, signifies the Rule of Law in a democracy.

Alex Jones’ chart, who has a Mars in Taurus natally, was hit hard by the transiting North Node/Mars/Uranus in Taurus. He was allied to the account by a judge, for his repeated lying in court,and his claims that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

Donald Trump is experiencing the transiting Mars/North Node/ Uranus in Taurus on his midheaven, the most public spot in his chart, where everything is visible. The transiting Leo Sun is conjunct his natal Mars in Leo - echoing the anger he feels at public exposure.

On a more personal level, anyone with planets in fixed signs Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus will feel the impact. Change, restlessness, the boundaries of ego vs order - these things and more may be felt. The fixed signs are happier with the status quo than sudden change, but these are not ordinary times, they are changed times. And each one must decide whether it is worth uprooting the status quo to follow the path where Fate leads.


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