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Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight and Full Moon in Scorpio

Tonight's lunar eclipse will be a game changer. There are lunar and solar eclipses every year. It isn't a rare event. But tonight's eclipse is exceptional for several reasons. The eclipse of the moon is total, and fully visible from where I am writing this, St. Louis, Missouri. The Lunar eclipse/Full Moon is in Scorpio on the transiting South Node of the Moon. The South Node is what we must release in order to move to the Taurus North Node. The Moon is at its closest point to the Earth in its orbit, so it will appear to be very large in the sky, making the eclipse very noticeable.

The lunar eclipse will encompass about five hours in total, from 8:30 pm on May 15 to 1:50 am on May 16. While lunar eclipses often mark periods of change, the events can transpire on the night of the eclipse or within 6 months of it. Scorpio is a dramatic and intense energy on its own, but totality and proximity make this eclipse more powerful still. When you can see the eclipse happening, it is more likely to have an impact on your life.

The Moon represents the people in a mundane chart. The Moon is trine Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. On the one hand, it increases wild delusions - at the other end of the spectrum are actions related to a new and more compassionate vision of the future. The Moon is also square to Pluto in Capricorn, empowering people in powerful institutions and the radical right (Uranus in Taurus).

There are powerful emotions running at both ends of the spectrum on this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, but one thing you can be sure of - we are asked to release complexity, drama, power struggles and grudges in favor of forgiveness, simplicity and taking good care of our own "inner animal." Choose peace over war. There will be some radical re-thinking of the law during this period. Don't forget Mercury is retrograde at this time, and it is possible to get caught up looking backward to the way things were. In the long run, we must turn around and look at our future.

In six months, we will have a Scorpio New Moon. We will have ended a period of retrospection, and new plans will take their place. Just FYI, there will be a Taurus Moon on Mid Term Election Day. It will be interesting to see what the people choose at that time.

People with planets near the last ten degrees of Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus will be most impacted by tonight'sLunar Eclipse/Full Moon. Also affected, people with planets at the first five degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo.


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