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Tuesday, 4/12/2022 - Jupiter & Neptune Conjunct in Pisces

Today, April 12, 2022, at 9:43 am ET, two planets, Jupiter and Neptune, met each other at exactly the same degree in the sign Pisces. Their energy is powerful as they are both in a sign where they share affinity - Pisces. The last time this happened was in 1856. The next time it happens will be 2188.

Jupiter asks us where we want to expand our (often self made) limitations. Neptune, the great sea of our unconscious, often speaks to us through dreams or visions. It can reach for the heights of spiritual awareness or descend into confusion. We will undoubtedly see an expansion of the positive and negative faces of Neptune.

Neptune also has to do with the ending of a cycle. Learning through loss and being redirected as we need to be. On the physical level, Pisces is also associated with energy, including oil and gas.

Obviously, we are at the end of a cycle of dependence on fossil fuels. We can do better. Jupiter knows we are underestimating ourselves to think we cannot. Einstein famously said that everything is impossible until it is possible..

The Ukraine war, in all its horror, is putting pressure on us to make changes. Russia’s main business is oil and gas. Until we get off fossil fuels, we are limited in crippling Russia with sanctions.

Conspiracy theories and disinformation are likely to grow under the Jupiter/Neptune combination. The battle lines between democracy and autocracy are also being illustrated in the Ukraine war. We’ve seen Putin blaming the Ukraines for the casualties in Buccha and denying their own war crimes and civilian killings. The "peace talks" are an illusion as it really seems to be a chance for Russia to reorient and resupply.

Some say the joining of Jupiter and Neptune will usher in peace and a new cosmic awareness. For some people that will be true. Both planets have an affiliation with faith, hope, and cosmic connection. And we could all use some of that!

Anyone with planets between at 20 - 25 degrees of almost any sign will experience this transit more personally. However, this is the foreground playing in the world as we all live under the same sky. There will be good manifestations and more difficult ones. It is our free will choice to use the highest or the lowest manifestation of this energy in our personal and public lives. Keep the faith, baby!


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