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War Begins in the Ukraine

Sadly, when the transiting Moon reached 24 degrees Scorpio, conjunct the 27 degree South Node in Scorpio and in alignment with the 27 degree Pluto in Capricorn (just one day after the exact return to Pluto's place in the US Sibley Chart), Putin invaded Ukraine. President Biden had told us for days that the invasion was imminent. It has happened.

Also in play the transiting nodes are now square the sensitive point of the Great American Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Leo. The karmic chickens have come home to roost!

The North Node is currently in a peaceful sign, Taurus; the South Node is in the often power hungry, dramatic sign of Scorpio. Russia is Scorpionic, and Putin definitely is, willing to murder his enemies by secret means (poison) in foreign lands. Putin has opted to work out of the south node, which by definition is part of the old order of things. My personal opinion is that the old ways will not stand when Uranus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius puts the emphasis on change, but nothing is certain, at least not in the short term.


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